New Penguin Surge Server

Hello everyone!

A BIG update has released for Penguin Surge. It is a server that syncs all the features together, allowing Penguin Surge users to see each other using certain features, like transformations. Penguin Surge users also, by default, have an orange name-colour and red name-glow. Your own penguin has an orange ring, too.

If your hosts file still contains “”, the new server update will not work. You must change that line to “”.

In other news, we also released an installer for Windows users. This means, if you’re lazy, or don’t feel confident in editing your hosts file yourself, the program will enable or disable Penguin Surge for you by the click of a button.

If you receive any errors when trying to use the installer, first try running the program as Administrator, and if that doesn’t work send us a tweet here.

You can download the Penguin Surge Installer for Windows by clicking here.

Introducing Penguin Surge!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Penguin Surge!

If you still don’t have a clue what Penguin Surge is, it’s a Club Penguin Trainer. You may have used a Club Penguin Trainer before, back in the earlier days of Club Penguin, when it was easier to create one. An extremely popular one was created by MicroChip123 and was called Penguin Storm. A Club Penguin Trainer allows you to tailor the game to your liking by using all the features Penguin Surge has to offer. With Penguin Surge, all features are built in which means you do not need to download them individually. We have a system where you can request features to be added to Penguin Surge and if it is a good idea, we’ll add it.

Some of the things you can do with Penguin Surge are: add items, change the size of penguins, transform into a mascot, and there is so much more! When announcing Penguin Surge, we noticed how many people wanted it as soon as possible, so we decided to hold back on the advanced features for Version 1, as this would’ve prolonged development and consequently led to a later release date and we wanted you to have it as early as possible. However, this does not mean that all the good features haven’t been added. Pretty much all of the features that were available on Penguin Storm have been added in Version 1, and since the trainer runs on a server, now that we’ve released we can start working on the more advanced features that take longer, and as soon as we’re done we can upload them without you even having to press a button!

We hope you enjoy Penguin Surge and the advantages of using it, such as the fact that no downloads are required. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or submit a support ticket here.