New Penguin Surge Server

Hello everyone!

A BIG update has released for Penguin Surge. It is a server that syncs all the features together, allowing Penguin Surge users to see each other using certain features, like transformations. Penguin Surge users also, by default, have an orange name-colour and red name-glow. Your own penguin has an orange ring, too.

If your hosts file still contains “”, the new server update will not work. You must change that line to “”.

In other news, we also released an installer for Windows users. This means, if you’re lazy, or don’t feel confident in editing your hosts file yourself, the program will enable or disable Penguin Surge for you by the click of a button.

If you receive any errors when trying to use the installer, first try running the program as Administrator, and if that doesn’t work send us a tweet here.

You can download the Penguin Surge Installer for Windows by clicking here.

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